Héroine Restaurant & Bar is now housed in the western wing of the Industrial Building. The case of founders Eva Eekman, sommelier Fred de Neef and chef Michael Schook is hidden behind a massive door. Guests can enjoy a mix of fine dining, fine wines, art and design.

The store has a meter-long oak bar with comfortable bar chairs for sitting down for special cocktails, wines and bar snacks. The kitchen is at the front of the store so bar guests see how the chefs work. In the restaurant area guests can take a seat. There is no standard menu to choose from and it is not known in advance what is on the menu. However, guests can choose from 4-, 5- or 7-courses with any matching wines.

Phone 010-3100870
E-mail press@restaurantheroine.nl
Address Kipstraat 12, 3011 RT Rotterdam