Holy Smoke

With the arrival of Holy Smoke the West Kruiskade has become even nicer. This new food bar is not only known for its cozy get-togethers, they also come here to eat. Do not expect a fancy restaurant, in this cool place comfortable food is served on emaillen plates. On the menu are many snacks, but also grilled chicken, stew, various burgers and of course the legendary spareribs with home made BBQ sauce. You should not be afraid to get your hands dirty here! At Holy Smoke they make no distinction between lunch and dinner, here the grill is on all day. You can also order a steak with fries at noon if you feel like it. You can also turn your dish into a surf and turf by ordering half a lobster.

Phone 010 737 1679
E-mail info@holysmoke.nl
Address Tiendplein 3014 BH ROTTERDAM