In Italy, the term spaghetteria is an isolated phenomenon. A place where local chefs do nothing but prepare fresh pasta. This is no different with Spaghetteria. We also devote ourselves to the art of pasta making. We do this in our own artigianale laboratorio, a traditional workshop where we make different types of pasta entirely in accordance with the tradition of the Italian pasta guild. Each with its own shape, origin and method of preparation.

In the evening, our Italian chefs prepare the daily fresh pasta in six different dishes on the daily changing menu. The way they have been used to it all their lives. Dishes that are straightforward and originate from traditional recipes based on fresh products. Dishes as they are served in the spaghetti letter of Italy itself. Full of taste and without fuss.

This open-minded way of cooking is also reflected in the service and atmosphere of Spaghetteria. With enthusiasm, hospitality and a touch of Italian swagger, young people serve the dishes in a lively environment. Whether you want to dine for hours or fancy a quick, tasty meal, everyone comes together. At one of the large tables or at a high bar. And after dinner there is always time for a tiramis├╣ with an espresso or a homemade sgroppino or limoncello.

Benvenuto a Spaghetteria!

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Address: Nieuwe Binnenweg 77, 3014GE Rotterdam