On the north side of the Central Station the Provenierswijk is located. A quiet, green neighborhood with two pre-war canals. The location of the Provenierswijk is ideal: close to the city center and the new Rotterdam Central. The neighborhood is close to all kinds of amenities and is therefore attractive for expats. They know how to find the restaurants and galleries in the Proveniers district. The canals have recently been restored to their former glory and are additionally adorned with several works of art. You will experience a stately and rustic 19th-century appearance.

Provenierswijk owes its name to the Proveniershuis, which stood on the Schiekade and was demolished in 1898. In the 15th century, this house was taken into use as a shelter for lepers. The Provenierswijk was, together with other neighborhoods, intended to relieve the crowded city center of Rotterdam. Due to the enormous growth of the port from 1870, trade and industry took a great flight, attracting many people from outside, especially from Zeeland and Brabant. For these first ‘guest workers’, new neighborhoods had to be built outside the city limits. As was customary for that time, a distinction was made between a ‘south-western’ section for the middle class and a ‘north-eastern’ section for the working class. The Spoorsingel and Proveniersingel formed the separation.

Residents of the Provenierswijk:
Around 4,500 people living in the Proveniers district live close to their neighborhood. When they move, they do that from one street to another. Many residents are also homeowners, especially west of the Spoorsingel. The district has a wide diversity of cultural backgrounds and income and education levels.

What is there to do?
With all kinds of nice eateries and coffee bars there is plenty of catering. Furthermore, it is a small neighborhood that mainly has a residential character. The neighborhood does not have real facilities, but because it is close to other neighborhoods and the city center, this is not a problem for residents.