The Scheepvaartkwartier is a protected cityscape and therefore a national monument. With 98 of the over 500 national monuments in Rotterdam, the Scheepvaartkwartier is a treasure trove of cultural heritage. The Scheepvaartkwartier is part of the urban area located around the outside of Rotterdam. De Veerhaven and the nearby Parklaan with its monumental construction from around 1900 form the center of the Scheepvaartkwartier. The white, almost colonial-style, monumental buildings on the Westerkade (actually Javastraat and Zeemansstraat), dating from around 1865, are among the most beautiful in the district.

The Scheepvaartkwartier was built around 1840 by the city architect W.N. Rose designed as a planned city quarter. This new district was called the New Work and has been parceled with the Veerhaven since 1848 as the most iconic element. Originally the Westerhaven was also located in this area but it was filled in 1910. In the district a number of very well-to-do Rotterdammers settled on Parklaan, such as coal dealer D.G. van Beuningen and banker Marten Mees. During the bombing of Rotterdam in May 1940, the Scheepvaartkwartier was virtually the only one, close to the center, spared. Only the most eastern block of the district, adjacent to the Leuvehaven at the Willemsplein, was hit.

Residents of the Scheepvaartkwartier:
The Scheepvaartkwartier has more than 1,800 residents. Today, the district is among the top 20 richest districts in the Netherlands. The district also has an active residents’ association called the Residents Organization Scheepvaartkwartier (BOS). The association has, among other things, strived to provide residents with important information.

What is there to do?
This romantic piece of city is a protected cityscape. Stately mansions on classic avenues keep Rotterdam’s rich shipping history alive. One of the most beautiful places is the Veerhaven, where historic sailing ships gently sway on the water. A magnet for loving couples and couples who like to be immortalized by a photographer against this picturesque background. Those who like all the romance in a glass of wine and a tasty snack, can go to attractive restaurants like Z & M, Huson, Loos and Zinc or at one of the many restaurants in the restored warehouse complex on the Westelijk Handelsterrein. The Euromast park is a popular place in the summer to relax and have a picnic. The Euromast is the highest observation tower in the Netherlands. Having a dinner in a restaurant at a height of 100 meters with panoramic views over the city.