The picturesque marina of Delfshaven is one of the few parts of the city that survived the bombing of Rotterdam in 1940. In the past Delfshaven earned a living with herring fishing and the distillation of gin. Now you can find cozy antique and knick-knack shops, cafés and restaurants in the historic canal houses, such as De Pelgrim Brewery and De Oude Sluis café, both with a terrace on the harbor. The terrace of ‘t Ouwe Bruggetje is even on the water.

Delfshaven was founded in 1389, when the Delfshavense Schie was dug to give the city of Delft a connection with the Meuse. Since then, the ships have been able to reach the Nieuwe Maas from Delft via the Delftse and Delfshavense Schie. The harbor town ‘Delfshaven’ was created around the lock. It had the status of a ‘colony of Delft’. A backlash in growth occurred when at the end of the Hoekse and Kabeljauwse quarrels (around 1490) the Hoeken caused enormous devastation. Delfshaven has an area of 550.000 km². Delfshaven was originally a part of Delft. In 1795 it became an independent municipality, to be annexed by Rotterdam in 1886.

Residents of Delfshaven:
Delfshaven has over 75,000 inhabitants divided over 8 districts. In addition to a large group of students and starters with good employment prospects, the district also has many disadvantaged households. Residents of the ‘Triangle’, the heart of Coolhaven Island, have ‘the best of both worlds’ within walking distance. Namely: a quiet residential neighborhood with attractive squares and lively edges with urban avenues and waterfronts.

What is there to do?
In Historic Delfshaven there is a wide choice of galleries and eateries and it is wonderful to wander along the water. On the Coolhaven Island, cultural facilities are of urban importance and creative activity prevails. Those looking for green, peace and quiet will find that in De Schat van Schoonderloo, a special residents’ park. The list of sights in the current Historical Delfshaven is long. From the Pilgrim Fathers’ Church and the Bag Carrier’s House to the VOC warehouse at the Achterhaven.