The Rotterdam district of Crooswijk is wedged between the district Kralingen, the Boezem, the Oude Noorden and Centrum. Crooswijk was once known for its marine barracks. Crooswijk also has an industrial past. Jamin, the Heineken brewery and the RET tram depot were established there. These industries have given way to social housing. Only the monumental office building of Heineken is still standing on the Crooswijksesingel. Crooswijk is one of the originally popular neighborhoods in Rotterdam (in contrast to many other neighborhoods in the city that were originally independent villages) and the neighborhood is strongly associated with the ‘real’ Rotterdammer and the Rotterdam dialect.

Crooswijk was a bare polder until 1864, private individuals began at that time with the development of the site into a residential area. Due to the increasing demand for housing, this barren polder was gradually being built up. A lot of houses of workers arrived in the middle of the polder,  which can still be seen on the narrow streets. Stately buildings for the wealthy have risen along the canals. The demand for this in Crooswijk was not great at that time. There were also industries in the district that were no longer desirable in the center of Rotterdam. The Heineken Beer Brewery established itself at the Crooswijksesingel and not much later a tram depot was built next to the Heineken Brewery.

Residents of Crooswijk:

The neighborhood has a dichotomy with many young people and students on the one hand and many people of non-Western origin on the other. The percentage of singles is 60 percent which is well above the Rotterdam average (48 percent). Around 1,500 people work and the sector ‘public administration, government services’ is by far the largest employer. New Crooswijk currently has about 2,500 inhabitants.

What is there to do?

Alot of nice shops, various restaurants and nice coffee bars are located in Crooswijk where you can spend your free time. You can drink a cup of coffee at Kroos or enjoy a hot meal at Hotspot Hutspot. In the neighborhood, you can also express your sportsmanship at the Sporthal Schuttersveld. Next to the sports hall are also public tennis courts, a baseball field and an athletics track. The playground and the swimming pool are of course also accessible to everyone.