The Liskwartier is a neighborhood with beautiful green avenues and canals. These often run in corners because they follow the course of the former ditches. The Liskwartier is separated from the Bergpolder district by the national monument Hofbogen. In the Liskwartier children can grow up safely and pleasantly. It is one of the most child-friendly neighborhoods. Striking in the Liskwartier district are the life-dwelling houses of Humanitas on the Bergweg. Older people want to live here because of the good facilities. In the middle of the neighborhood is the characteristic Bergsingel church on the corner of the Bergsingel and the Bergselaan.

The ground of the Liskwartier still belonged to Hillegersberg before 1903. Then the borders were adjusted and the city was allowed to build Rotterdam. In 1906 the Bergselaan, Rodenrijselaan and the Schiebroekselaan were laid out. In 1913 the Bergsingel church was built, now a municipal monument. In 1940 the district was finished and was given the name Liskwartier, from the Lischwater, of which only a pond is left at the Lisplein.

Residents of the Liskwartier:
The Liskwartier is a close neighborhood with approximately 7,000 residents. They differ¬†from each other in terms of income and education level. A group of active residents organizes activities in the neighborhood for children: the Liskids. Together with neighboring Bergpolder there is an active residents’ organization. Residents in the Liskwartier are closely involved with the neighborhood, so there are regular resident initiatives such as Opzoomer.

What is there to do?
There are few public green areas in the Liskwartier. However, there are green avenues and canals with mature trees, which makes the district look very green. Residents took the initiative to realize a picking garden at the Bergselaan. In a historic building, a former bathhouse – between the two schools in Delfgaauwstraat – there has been a boxing school for quite some time. Depot Noord is located in an old bakery factory. Here, creative entrepreneurs rent out space and catering is also possible.