Formerly Chinatown, seamen’s quarter and red light district, nowadays home of the hip. Katendrecht peninsula has in a few years turned out to be one of the most vibrant areas of the city, without losing its raw ravel edges. Young couples bought a house or started a restaurant, shop or coffee bar. Since a couple of years there are also teeming with nice restaurants, ice cream parlors and bars. Within a stone’s throw of the center, Katendrecht offers a varied range of living options. New buildings, high-rise buildings, DIY houses, old mansions, there is something for everyone. Special projects will also be realized in the coming years.

Katendrecht was once a picturesque village under the smoke of Rotterdam. After the excavation of the Maashaven and Rijnhaven and the annexation by Rotterdam, the character changed considerably. ‘De Kaap’ quickly became a notorious neighborhood, known for a lot of alcohol, violence and prostitution. Due to extensive demolition and new construction, the character of the neighborhood quickly changed. The neighborhood has been on the rise in recent years, because there has been a lot of investment in renovation, the construction of new homes and facilities. This place has received a strong impulse especially due to the arrival of creative entrepreneurs. Katendrecht was mainly in the news for the social problems at the end of the 90s, now they talk about the festivals, the theater, SS Rotterdam, the restaurants and shops on Deliplein and all sorts of other special initiatives. In February 2012, Katendrecht was connected to Wilhelminapier via the Rijnhaven bridge.

Residents of Katendrecht:
The population composition of Katendrecht (3,700 inhabitants) is unique. On the one hand there are still many ‘Kapenezen’ from the very beginning. On the other hand, the neighborhood has attracted hundreds of new residents in recent years, including many two-income families and families with children. That is why the income and education level varies considerably. This also applies to the cultural backgrounds of the residents.

What is there to do?
In one of the old Fenix sheds on the water is the Fenix Food Factory, a covered fresh market where you can shop handcrafted products. From fresh bread to self-made sausage and home made cider. The sun that you see coming down from the terrace at the quay in the Maas is enchanting and the beers of the Kaapse Brouwers are worth a try. The showpiece of the island is the Steam Ship (SS) Rotterdam, the cruise ship that shuttled between Rotterdam and Manhattan in the sixties and now has a permanent berth at the head of Katendrecht. Discover the ship during a guided tour and finish with a drink on the promenade deck with swimming pool.