For renting out your apartment it is ideal to have as many facilities as possible. This facilitates and accelerates the rental process. This often leads to a higher rental price and will have a higher chance of attracting multiple tenants. But what are the most important facilities in an apartment?

Take a good TV as an example. Everyone makes use of it, which makes it an important facility. In addition to this, having a smart TV for tenants is ideal. Expats will generally not use cable TV and most people rather watch their series on Netflix or videos on Youtube. Furthermore, a good Wi-Fi connection is essential and has become a must for everyone. Many tenants often work (partly) from home, which makes a good, fast Wi-Fi connection one of the most important facility for most tenants. The first question of tenants at a check-in is therefore, ‘What is the Wi-Fi password?’

Tenants also like a fully equipped kitchen so that they do not fall short when preparing a meal. Think of a toaster, kettle etc. Furthermore, a refrigerator and freezer in which products can be stored is often very much desired. A dishwasher is always nice, but for expats this is necessary. They are not waiting to have to do the dishes after a long day of work after dinner. A microwave or microwave oven / is also an important feature in the kitchen. We were regularly asked if the apartment has a microwave.

A good bed is the most important provision. The tenants are often there for a longer time so a good night’s sleep is very important. Sufficient cupboard space for the clothing of the tenant is also a facility that is often forgotten but very important.

Furthermore, we have the sanitary facilities. For tenants, a clean and well-functioning shower is sufficient. A bath in this case can be defined as a luxury. We always try to offer towels and bed linen. It does not cost much and it is for tenants very nice if all such things are already present. A washing machine is pretty much mandatory, as tenants stay in your apartment for a longer period of time. A dryer, on the other hand, is not a primary facility, but an extra luxury. For smaller apartments and studios we advise to purchase a washer/dryer.

Finally, we have extra facilities such as private or an outdoor parking space. These are facilities which can vary from €50, to €150, – p/m, which can be respectively requested.
Since candidates often visit several apartments, they often opt for the apartment with the most facilities depending on which rental price is of course requested.
Our advice: furnish an apartment as well as possible and decorate the apartment so that it feels like a real ‘home’. Cozy apartments often rent out better than apartments that have not been given enough attention.