First of all, our rental agent starts with ‘recording’ the house through an introductory meeting. This means that the wishes of the customer regarding the rental are discussed. Here you can think of:

• What the ideal rental period is;
• What kind of tenants you prefer;
• What kind of market-based rent the house has;
• Whether furnished, upholstered, inclusive or exclusive gas / water / lighting / Wi-Fi will be offered.

After the introductory meeting, if the client agrees with our conditions, a new appointment will follow to photograph the house. Since photographs are the most important part of the advertisement, it is very important that the house is cleaned up when the photography takes place. Loftly always sends photography instructions in advance so that the landlord can take these points into account.

Once the photos have been edited, a clear and attractive description of the house will be written, which will then be placed on different websites. This means not only on our own Loftly website, but on other well-known platforms. The house is therefore easy to find with every target group and therefore all potential tenants. After the house is placed online, it is time to wait for a good match. We are regularly called by candidates and companies with their wishes and requirements so it sometimes happens that we already have a tenant without the house being placed online. This also depends a bit on the month we are in at the time.

If there is a match between the house and the potential tenant, a viewing often takes place. There are also tenants who are looking for a home from abroad, so they do not have to visit. We will determine with you as a landlord on the basis of a screening whether this is a good tenant or not. If we visit, we will give the tenants an enthusiastic tour of the house. People often want to visit at long stay, but with short stay this is not really necessary

Is there still a match between the house and the candidate after the viewing? Then a screening will take place and with a positive outcome a rental agreement will be drawn up. Of course, after the positive screening, the owner will first be communicated before the potential tenant is promised.

When the rental period ends, an appointment is made with a tenant to schedule a final inspection. During this final inspection, an inspection list that was included in the check and an inventory list will check whether everything is still in the same condition. If this is not the case, we will settle this with the tenant’s deposit, provided that it is their fault. After the final inspection, our cleaner will ensure that the house is returned to a good condition for home or for the new tenant.

Why would you hire Loftly as a rental agent?
Loftly is originally a company founded in Rotterdam with personal attention for both the landlord and the tenant;

We screen the potential tenants well by asking for more background information about their social and financial position, so you can be confident that the rental of your home at Loftly is in good hands;

Renting out your home is a time-consuming and accurate matter. Loftly takes this completely out of your hands, so you can spend your time and attention on other matters;

We offer optional support to potential tenants by taking over the management for you, so you can be sure that ad hoc complaints are resolved quickly and the property remains in good condition;

We work closely with the landlord / owner of the house, so that you feel that you are involved in everything;

We draw up the rental agreement for you, take care of the payment of the payment, handover the key, execute the final inspection and deliver a well cleaned home.