Energy-efficient renting has its advantages. Not only for the tenant, but also for the landlord. A durable home provides the landlord a lot of financial benefit. A landlord can ask more rent for his home, because the rental points are higher at a home that is energy-efficient.

How is energy efficiency calculated?
Energy efficiency can be calculated in 3 ways:

  • Through the year of construction of the rental house
  • Via the energy label
  • Via the energy index

In addition, measures such as insulation, an efficient central heating boiler and solar panels increase the energy performance of the house, which you can convert to a better rental price.

Insulation is the basis of a comfortable stay for the tenants. Insulation has a great effect on the climate in a home. As a result, the heating is used less often, so that you use a lot less energy. With some homes, this can even save up to 25% per year.

Floor insulation is also a good measure for both the tenant and the landlord. If you do not live on the ground floor, floor insulation also provides sound insulation. This also benefits the landlord if he has to take the neighbours into account when renting out his home. In addition, insulation reduces the moisture in a home. As a result, walls, foundations and piping can suffer less damage. Insulation can therefore also prevent a lot of maintenance costs.

Modern high efficiency boiler
For the landlord, the purchase of a modern HR-boiler is certainly interesting. Modern HR-boilers are economical and they also have the latest technologies. These new techniques often result in a cost advantage with regard to maintenance and heating costs. In addition, modern HR-boilers are less affected by faults, so you as a landlord also have to spend less time supporting your guest.

Solar panels
If a landlord places solar panels, this will result in additional points in the rental points system. In addition, as a landlord you get exemption from energy tax. As a result, the total housing costs per month will be lower and as a landlord you can ask for a higher rent.

Placing solar panels has increased significantly in recent years. On average, it takes 8 years for the investment to be earned back. The solar panels last at least 25 years. As a landlord you can profit from many years of free electricity with a longer investment.